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Thursday, April 30, 2009

duhhh...semester break!!!!!


finally, after a semester full of sort of assignments and projects i finally can get full of rest...its not like for the past 5-6 months i dont have a rest..but this is diffrent..imagine me myself sleeps without thinking of homework and studies..waaahhhhhh...i'm overwhelm of holiday excitement.. but although i've finished my last exam paper yesterday, i still have to wait till friday.. my parents will pick me up..hahahah...so anak mak.. nope.. i just tired of sitting in the bus for 8 to 10 hours..it depends on the bus company..melaka to penang jauh tue...

anyhow, i'm looking forward to see my parents after a long period..and the most important thing is i need to pay a visit to my late grandpa cmetery..i didn't managed to give my last respect to him due to some sort of thing..dont blame on me..it was sad bcuz i doesn't have a chance to see him when he is in hospital..i'm very busy and needs to settle task that given by lecturer...i wish i can rewind the time..but it's the fate that had already been written by HIM..

enough about Tok..mYn!!! ok i got some plan to do during the break..but as usual, i can only plan it..to make it realize is quite hard..it depends on my mood...hahahah...

starting next semester, there is no UTEM INDUSTRY CAMPUS is no longer exist..all of the operation will be handle in the MAIN CAMPUS which is located in Durian Tunggal.. huhuhuhuh...so sad..why hah??? because, its far a way from the house lohh...and its in rare area...far from the famous Bukit Beruang..so..yesterday, we (me and my members) do something that we wish to do a long time ago...up up to the rooftop...

although the scenery quite jelek or should i say boring??? dah nama pon kampus industri mesti la kilang jer..hahahahah...but still i can see my beloved bungaraya apartment..



budak gayat sblh i..

cari view yg best skit


anak sapa nie??