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Thursday, February 3, 2011


jariku mengetuk kekunci
disaat suasana hening
pabila mataku pejam
fikiran ligat bermain kata-kata

aku tak gila
cuma sedikit pelik

tak ku cari
cuma kata hati
aku turuti

bukan ku kuis
jauh sekali
aku mengemis

lihat sekeliling
teliti kehidupan
rasai suasana
ilham kan wujud

sumber ada di merata tempat
ia kan hadir tanpa diundang
bezanya cuma interpretasi
kau dan aku punya cara sendiri

Life that hurts [part 2]

we used to be a pair
like Bonnie and Clyde
overcome obstacle
and problems together

aren't we supposed be apart??
shouldn't we stay
and play our own part
why it has to be this way

why you walked away
disobey and betray the plan
is it hatred
or jealousy

let they be what they want
they're alone
you had me all along
to guide and accompany

enough with the pain
i don't want you to change..
so now I'm asking
would you come back to me??
back to way we used to live...

Life that hurts [part 1]

how are you doing now
are you satisfy
with your life
how much do you earn
through years we're aparted

is it promising for you?
being alone
with no one around
are you or not

stepping out to the cruel world
hoping your dreams become reality
suddenly you fall so hard
wake up and realize it ain't easy

doesn't it hurt to be hurt
would you keep smiling
and can you keep your head up
so that i can find you wherever you are