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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i'm standing behind the mirror
i've been here for a long time
looking at the same spot 
everyday every-time every-year

people walks through this street
many behavior shown
from gadget geeks to marathoners 
but no one notice me

i'm just a statue in abandon shop
waiting for somebody to notice my absence..

Advice that never been follow

she talks too much
giving advices to me
all of it is full of sh#t

she talks too loud
i can barely felt my eardrum vibrate
and it will explode in anytime

i wanna be out from here
far enough to avoid her

she's not my mother
not my sister
also not my bestfriend
she's just a person full of crap...
sometimes i wish crab will bite her big lousy mouth...

and sorry you're not my friend...